Looking to make hard work pay off

Hedda Wolmarans. Photo by Nick Lourens.

With female boxers not getting regular action in South Africa, it is easy to see how some could lose hope. That, however, is not the case with Hedda Wolmarans.

The fighter nicknamed “Shredder” spends a lot of time in the gym, even in times when there is no talk of a fight.

“There is always something to improve on,” she says.

“I will never be a perfect boxer. I will always feel like I’m lacking in some element of fitness or strength or skill. There is always a hole somewhere and once you patch up a hole a new one rocks up.”

She will be looking to put on a quality performance when she takes on Nomandithini Ndyambo for the vacant South African junior welterweight title at Presleys, Boksburg, on August 4.

“She’s a hard worker, good work rate. Tall and a boxer,” Wolmarans said about Ndyambo.

“Expect a 10 round hard fight with high work rate.”

This fight comes more than a year since The Shredder last fought, when she beat Kholosa Ndobayini on points. She was supposed to fight in December but that bout got cancelled the day before the weigh in.

“That was very frustrating. I had done everything. I had done the whole camp, the weight cut. I was in my kitchen deciding how much water I should drink and then Colin (Nathan) phoned me telling me it’s off,” she said.

“You give a lot of yourself in a camp, in terms of what you sacrifice. Like seeing family, seeing friends, spending time with people that you love. It requires a commitment. There’s a lot of things you can’t do.”

She does, however, look at the positives that came from that camp.

“I was sparring against Moruti Mthalane and Hekkie Budler. They were my main sparring partners so I took a lot from the camp. So it made me better.”

Wolmarans feels that the experience of sparring with world class fighters such as Mthalane and Budler was good for her.

“They keep you honest hey. They don’t play. They don’t let me get away with murder. But they also don’t completely annihilate me and break me. But they expose my weaknesses and point them out to me. Which is great. They make sure that I’m always trying to catch up. They don’t make the gap too big. It’s constant learning.”

This camp has seen her spar with Budler again and Anthony Grobelaar.

The Wolmarans-Ndobayini fight will headline a BMT Promotions card.

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