‘I’m too good for Ndombassy’ — Kalombo

Emmany Kalombo and Damien Durandt. Photo by Nick Lourens.

There have been many calls for a fight between big punching Emmany Kalombo and Cristiano Ndombassy and now the pair will final square off. The two junior middleweights take each other on at the International Convention Centre in East London, on Saturday.

“I just think he’s a normal boxer for me,” says the undefeated Kalombo, who has won all 11 of his professional fights by knockout.

“But I give him a little bit of respect because he has fought guys who have more experience. The guys who have beaten him have more experience that’s why I give him a bit of respect.”

When asked if fight fans should expect him to stop Ndombassy, Kalombo calmly responds by saying “obvious man”.

“We expect the same thing (stoppage),” he says.

“I’ll bring my tricks and then we’ll expect the same thing.”

Kalombo says that after this fight he would like to test himself against top international fighters.

“I want those fights. I want those fights to happen then I can show the world what I can do. Because sometimes we training and then we can’t use what we’ve been working on in training in the fight. Few minutes, few seconds and the fight is finished,” he says.

The two fighters have common opponents in France Ramabolu and Nkululeko Mhlongo who have both beaten Ndombassy but lost to Kalombo. The man from the Democratic Republic of Congo, however, does not read too much into that.

“Anyone can go down. It’s boxing so anyone can take a punch and go down,” says the man trained by Damien Durandt.

“It’s just that I’m too good for him. Boxing is also about information and I’ve got more information than him and I’m ready in my mind and my body is ready. “

Kalombo also gave 10 Count a prediction of how long he expects the fight to last.

“I never go over five rounds. The fight can end anytime. What I can say is that people mustn’t be busy watching their phones because the fight can be finished in one second. Before round five the fight will be finished,” he said.

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